Ursa Resources Group has operated wells and facilities located in numerous states across the US, but has not had the pleasure of working with an organization as great as Community Counts, which is unparalleled in bridging the gap between the community and the oil and gas industry. URSA is proud to be a member and will continue to support Community Counts in areas where it operates.

Don Simpson – VP Business Development – URSA Operating Company LLC

Community Counts is great. After working in the oil and gas fields for 14 years I have learned people don’t know about the energy industry. Community Counts has given residents an outlet for their concerns. The Good Neighbor training taught us to know what our neighbors need. I learned it’s important to be open and communicate with our neighbors. When I first saw the response line signs posted along truck routes, I didn’t know what it was about. When you’re working in the oil and gas field there are always people who oppose what you’re doing. The Good Neighbor training gave us the ability to know how to talk to those people. Without an organization like Community Counts the oil and gas field would have a very rough road ahead of it.

Rian Wright – Good Neighbor Training Graduate & Worked in Field Services

I very much support Community Counts. It’s good for the community. If you don’t have something like Community Counts, people don’t know who to call about what’s going on (with the oil and gas industry) or who they can call to respond to their concerns. You can call Community Counts, report a concern and know they will respond quickly. If someone has a problem with loud jake brakes on Battlement Parkway, Community Counts alerts their Operator and Contractor members, then collaborates with municipal and county staff to get electronic road signs up to remind truckers to plan ahead and slow down early to avoid unnecessary use of their jake brakes. I have the Community Counts number in my phone and if I meet other people who have a concern, I give them the number and tell them to call.

Chuck Hall – Community Counts Member & Battlement Mesa Residents

Community Counts provides a valuable service to Garfield County citizens, namely, timely and effective access to energy operators when questions or concerns arise.
The Board of County Commissioners of Garfield County endorses your efforts to educate and provide a direct communication conduit for our citizens to the industry in a collaborative manner, which helps ensure a balanced approach to development of our energy resources.