Good, open communication is key to any operation. As a local business owner and rancher, we count on Community Counts to stay connected with our community, local operators and contractors and continual road reports. We have been able to utilize Community Counts to inform contractors and operators in the Piceance Creek basin of any cattle drives or open range grazing that would affect driving the roads. I feel it not only keeps them informed but keeps us and our livestock safer. It’s so easy and convenient to send out a quick e-mail to Community Counts and within hours and sometimes minutes the email is forwarded to hundreds of people and even on Facebook. Community Counts also hosts a community get-together to have the opportunity to connect faces with names and learn of any major operations or events that are planned for the year in our area so all potentially involved or affected can prepare. I’m so grateful for the connections Community Counts has and continues to offer!
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Kari & Neil Brennan, Hattie & Milo

We moved to the Plateau Valley (Mesa) in the late 1990’s. Our first encounter with Community Counts was during the height of oil and gas drilling in our area when activities were going full bore! Since we live in a rather small cattle and agricultural area with high mountains and narrow roads, the issue of safety was of prime concern then. During the boom large trucks were using our roads on a daily basis and at times they created hazardous conditions for the rural folk and especially when we have cattle drives and all that goes with rural living. CC was on that issue from the start and made sure signs were posted on our roads in case of accidents, aggressive drivers, and were very responsive to how important good relations were with oil and gas producers. Even after the boom finally ended, many of the companies left and moved elsewhere, CC has always been there. We now get reports of road closures, rock slides, accidents on the interstate, and especially road conditions in the winter to keep us updated. We have come to rely on these email communications from the staff and especially Nita, who seems to eat and sleep on the job! We would be adrift without this important information and hope they continue for along time. Being a member has been a good investment.
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Beverly and Paul Duzenak

Community Counts has served as an invaluable organization the past decade.  They are a key component in providing clear, transparent communication between the Oil and Gas Industry, and the business and residential communities where Oil and Gas operates.  Whenever there is a report of a negative issue occurring with industry, a quick call to the Community Counts hotline usually results in quick action and resolution of the issue.

Community Counts also excels in providing real time reports and alerts on road closures and rig moves. Every community with Oil and Gas production should have an organization like Community Counts.


Annick Pruett

Grand River Health

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Annick Pruett – Community Relations Grand River Health

As a company that has been in the oil and gas industry for ten years, we value the support and partnership that we gain from Community Counts. With their help, our community feels that they have a voice and are being heard when there is a problem. The communities’ concerns are taken very seriously, and Community Counts will interact with the contractors working in the area to notify them of the issues that need to be addressed immediately. We appreciate Community Counts and their services in helping us all to build a stronger economy.

HANK & KAMRON KRACHT – Owners – H&K Trucking, LLC, Parachute, CO

Two very important needs within conservation and agriculture are information and partnerships. I find that whether I am working at State, watershed, or local levels, Community Counts is an organization I know I can turn to for information, and be assured that if they don’t have an answer, they can turn to one of their many partners to get me the information in a timely fashion.

Larry Sweeney – President, State Conservation Board; Treasurer, Bookcliff Conservation District

Community Counts is so cool, so very unique. It provides an organization based on the vision of its founders to provide direct communication between our residents and the energy producers. Western Colorado is the envy of other energy impacted regions throughout the state!
Community Counts has made an impact on the realtionships between the energy companies, the land holder, the mineral rights holder, and the community. Gee, they are all talking, even waving, to each other. If anybody has a concern, shucks, just call the 800 number and they’re on it. What a wonderful concept….people talking to each other.

Gary Miller – Owner – Miller’s Dry Goods in Rifle