How to Join

Individuals and organizations interested in becoming a member of Community Counts are encouraged to contact Nita Smith, Executive Director at 970-712-7317 or email or Susan Alvillar, Board President, e-mail for more information. 


Why Should I Join

     Exploration for and production of natural gas and oil is a major industry in western Colorado that provides jobs and economic benefits to the region.  It also brings impacts to neighbors and host communities that must be addressed.  Members of Community Counts strive to balance benefits and impacts through open and respectful dialogue that builds the respect and trust that is critical in this time of intense public scrutiny and concern.

    Being a member of Community Counts is your opportunity to:

    •  show your commitment to the long term viability of our region;
    •  participate in educational efforts that encourage factual information and rational decision-making;
    • participate in development and training classes;
    • build relationships important to you and/or your organization;
    • increase your access to our members;
    • promote advocacy for your organization/business; and
    • be part of a collective community voice that includes local and regional government officials and regulators, residents, businesses and business organizations, first responders, operators, and contractors—all coming together to collaborate on pro-active solutions for the good of our residents, our communities, our own organizations and our environment.